5 Indoor Plants to Help You Survive Back to School

5 Indoor Plants to Help You Survive Back to School

Looking for the best back-to-school study buddy? 

The answer: Indoor Plants 

Plants help reduce stress and boost moods, which is perfect for students during study time. Not only do they make great pals to study with, but they can also be decorative additions to any desk or room. So let's dive in and discuss some of our favourite indoor plants that are perfect for back to school. 

House plants in your study space, whether that's a tidy desk in your room or scattered on your kitchen countertops, a green amigo is a great way to bring some life into your study setting. The ideal study plants are ones that like bright spaces but don't require direct light, making it easy to find a spot for them in any room. One of our favourites is the peace lily, which is known to reduce stress levels and bring good vibes. If you're looking for something a little more unique, the snake plant is perfect - it's easy to care for and has interesting architectural leaves. 

If your study space is on the smaller side, a miniature succulent is a great option - they don't require much water and are very low maintenance. Vern, our Zebra Cactus is a great option to do so, however, keep in mind that cacti are deceiving, they may be low maintenance, but they still require loads of sunlight to stay healthy and happy. If your study space needs a plant that can tolerate low light, our small ZZ plant, Luke, might be the better option. 

By the way, Bucky our Money Tree is a great option during exam season as it is said to bring good luck and fortune, basically making it the ultimate plant for students. 

Plants also make a great addition to the classroom. Not only as a de-stressor and a tool to improve students' overall mental wellbeing, but it can also be a learning and environmental consciousness tool.  It can prompt discussions about taking care of something, being mindful and present. If you're looking for a plant to get your class started on their green journey, we recommend our main plant homie, Pablo the Peperomia Obtusifolia (M). 

He needs bright indirect light which is great for the classroom windowsill. He also requires frequent water which in some cases can seem like a drag, but in the classroom is a great way to teach students about responsibilities. Pablo is also non-toxic which is great for if your younger students decide to monch on it a little (you can never know what younglings will be up to).

Dorm plants are also a must-have. Starting university can be exciting and intimidating so it’s important to make sure your dorm room is a sanctuary away from all the chaos. Making new friends will probably have its ups and downs but a plant pal will def be the most reliable. So now you can start college with loads of friends already… right? 

We suggest getting Sylvie our Wandering plant. She will be sure your room doesn't look too empty and also so you have something to cuddle when you're feeling homesick. Sylvie is the ideal college student-friendly candidate, she's not too needy and is very affordable, ensuring that you won't break the bank when you add her to your college dorm wishlist. 

No matter what your study space looks like, there's a perfect plant to help you with your student work. So ditch the energy drinks and try out some greenery instead - your mind (and body) will thank you.

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