How to care for a Peperomia plant

In Brazil, the Peperomia is a symbol of happiness and is often given as a wholehearted gift that says 'It will be alright'. We like that!

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  • Frequent
  • Once every three years
  • Bright, no direct sunlight
  • Not toxic
  • Once a month in summer

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  • The name Peperomia means 'pepper-like' in Greek. The Peperomia family is related to pepper and occurs naturally in the Amazon jungle of South America, where as many as 1600 (!) different species grow.
  • The Peperomia is especially good at removing formaldehyde from the air. This harmful substance is found in all households. According to a NASA study, a Peperomia can remove 47% of the formaldehyde from the air!
  • As far as we know, the Peperomia is completely safe for children and pets.
  • The Peperomia does not have very strict water requirements, but prefers continuous, slightly moist soil. It's best to water the soil directly instead of the leaf or stems. And always avoid having water at the bottom of the pot; otherwise, the roots can rot.
  • The Peperomia prefers to be in a nice bright place where there is no direct sunlight. A spot in front of a window on the north or next to a window on the west / east is perfect. Please note to always maintain the temperature above 12 degrees, as the Peperomia does not handle cold very well.
  • To make the Peperomia completely happy you can give it liquid plant food every month.
  • The Peperomia grows fairly slowly, and therefore doesn't need to be repotted very often. Once every three years is enough. Do it preferably in the spring so that the plant can recover from the change.
  • Usually, the leaves of a Peperomia don't turn yellow or brown very often. If they do, check whether it's not receiving enough water by checking the soil at the bottom of the pot for moisture.
  • The Peperomia is not very susceptible to diseases. Occasionally it can develop a spider mite infection, when the leaves turn brown and dry. Be sure to remove old leaves and spritz the plant once in a while.

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