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Ctenanthe plants are often confused with Calathea plants but they hold their own in the plant kingdom. They share a lot of similarities with Calathea plants which is probably what caused the confusion. They also close their leaves at night and are pet friendly. Their foliage is also quite similar!

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  • Moderate
  • Once every two years
  • Shaded or Indirect light
  • Not toxic
  • Once a month in summer

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  • The Lubbersiana is a common ornamental houseplant in Brazil, and also popular in Costa Rica. They are sturdy plants which can handle high temperatures well.
  • The Ctenanthe is a strong air purifier.
  • The Ctenanthe is not toxic. However, pets who try to eat it might get a little sick. Aside from the occasional ruined carpet, not to worry.
  • Watering on an average basis is enough here.
  • Not a great sun lover, this one. Put it somewhere where there's shade or partial shade.
  • Give the Ctenanthe plant food every two weeks during the summer and you're good to go.
  • Repotting the Lubbersiana every two years should do fine.
  • Prune yours to control the size and remove leaves that wither or look scorched. Cut it in the spring, with cuts 4 to 5 inches long.
  • There aren't many serious diseases other than the usual suspects to watch for here: mealybug, spider mites and aphids. Water them away or use insecticidal soap in the case of the spider mites.

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