How to care for a Haworthia | Zebra Cactus

Related to Aloe, the Zebra Cactus is actually not a cactus at all but a succulent. Its not hard to see where the "Zebra" comes from - in the form of prominent white tubercles that form stripes accross the leaves.

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  • Little
  • Every two years
  • Bright indirect light
  • Not toxic
  • Once a month in summer

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  • A subtropical species originally from South Africa now common in many gardens and homes.
  • Like its cousin, the Aloe, the Zebra Cactus is a fantastic air purifier especially for formaldehyde.
  • Non-toxic. Easy!
  • Succulents are adapted to dry environments and therefore can tolerate low water levels and dry soil. In Spring and Summer water thoroughly and then do not water again until the soil is dry to the touch. In winter water much less frequently. The leaves store a lot of water and can nourish the plant over the Winter months.
  • Lots and lots of bright sunlight including direct sunlight (be careful about too much direct light in Summer). In Fall, Winter and Spring placement on the sill of a South facing window is fine. In the Summer moving the plant to an East or West facing window sill might be best.
  • In Spring and Summer feeding once a month with a liquid fertilizer. No food in the Winter.
  • Every second year preferably in the Spring.
  • Remove brown, shrivelled or damaged leaves as required.
  • The Haworthia is not very prone to diseases or bugs.

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