How to care for a Homalomena Selby plant

The Homalomena Selby is a tropical plant that loves humidity, it’s pretty recognizable with green foliage that has a pattern of dark green spots and specks. The leaves grow outward in a long spiral that seem almost like a tango dance with its roots.

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  • Frequent
  • Every 2-3 years
  • Indirect
  • Toxic
  • Once a month

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  • The Homalomena Selby is originally from the rainforests of Southern Asia as well as the South-Western Pacific.
  • The Homalomena Selby has no air purifying effects.
  • The Homalomena Selby is very toxic to animals and small children. So please be wary of placement where children and animals can get to him.
  • Due to his rainforest origins, the Homalomena Selby loves his water so make sure he’s watered frequently and thoroughly. He also would benefit from added humidity from a pebble tray or humidifier.
  • Indirect sunlight reminds the Homalomena Selby of growing up in the rainforest so this would be optimal for growth. Avoid direct sunlight, it can burn his leaves!
  • To keep the Homalomena Selby in the best condition fertilize twice a month with a liquid fertilizer.
  • If you notice any drainage holes that may be blocked by roots or if roots are trying to escaping out the drainage holes, then it's time to repot! This is usually about every 2-3 years.
  • Homalomena Selby require minimal pruning.
  • The Homalomena Selby is pretty resistant to illness and pests, but as always, keep an eye out for any signs of disease!

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