How to care for a Pilea Involucrata | Friendship plant

Friendship plants have funky textured leaves and, like their cousin the Aluminum plant, they have striking stripes on their leaves. They are super easy to care for as long as they're kept out of direct sun. They get their common name "Friendship Plant" because they are easy to propagate by cutting so you can give endless plant babies to all of your friends!

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  • Regular
  • Every 2 years
  • Bright, indirect light
  • Non-toxic
  • Once a month

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  • Pilea Bronze are native to Central and South America.
  • Friendship plants are low air purifiers.
  • Friendship plants are non-toxic to people and pets.
  • Friendship plants like moist soil and should be watered once the top half inch of soil is dry. They may need less frequent watering during the winter when their growth slows. They also benefit from regular misting to help boost humidity.
  • Friendship plants like bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves.
  • Fertilize once a month during the spring and summer with an all purpose liquid houseplant fertilizer.
  • Friendship plants need to be repotted when they start to outgrow their pot, this is usually every two years.
  • Encourage healthy leaf growth by pruning to half of the stem's normal length once a year. This helps prevent the plant from getting too leggy.
  • Friendship plants are susceptible to common houseplant pests such as thrips, spider mites, scale, and aphids so keep an eye out for creepy crawly friends. They can also be affected by bacterial and fungal leaf spot, so while misting helps boost humidity, make sure the leaves are able to dry off before you mist again.

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