How to care for a Psychotria Nervosa Wild Coffee plant

Psychotria Nervosa is a shade loving shrub commonly known as the Wild Coffee plant because of its small red seeds, which actually contain no caffeine. They do, however, provide food for wildlife and are used by the tribes of Southern India for medicinal purposes. What a nice plant!

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  • Regular
  • Once every two years
  • Partial or full shade
  • Toxic
  • Once ever two months

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  • Psychotria Nervosa plants belong to the Rubiaceae family and are native to Florida, Central and South America, and Southern India.
  • This plant isn’t known for its air purifying abilities. That’s okay, it’s busy taking care of the birds and the bees...and the butterflies!
  • Wild Coffee leaves and stems are toxic.
  • These guys need water regularly and their soil should be kept moist at all times. However, fully established plants can handle short periods of drought. They are most affected by lack of water in the dry season, from May to June.
  • Psychotria Nervosa plants are sensitive to the cold, so keep them sheltered. They thrive in full or partial shade but the shape of the plant changes depending on the level of the light it receives. In its natural, outdoor shade conditions it will grow taller than it is wide, while cultivated coffee plants are more shrub-like.
  • Fertilize two to three times a year, in spring, summer, and autumn.
  • These plants can be re-potted about once every two years. Pick a pot that is at least 20% bigger.
  • Psychotria Nervosa plants flower all year but peak in spring and summer. If their leaves start to yellow they are likely getting too much sun. These plants don’t require pruning and, if left to their own devices, a cultivated coffee plant generally maintains a height of five or six feet with an equal width. Some grow as tall as ten or fifteen feet, while Wild Coffee plants that receive more sun stay on the smaller side.
  • Lucky for you! These plants aren’t known to be overly susceptible to any pests or diseases.

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