How to care for a Ravaena Rivularis | Majesty Palm

The Majesty Palm is originally found in madagascar but it is in homes everywhere now. This is an easy to care for air purifier that, as long as you water it frequently but with moderation, will be a happy room mate for years to come!

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  • Frequent
  • Every other year
  • Sunny, direct light
  • Not toxic
  • Once every three months

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  • Coming from Madagascar, the Majesty palm is a good intermediate plant to brush up your planting skills. Since its habitat is rainforests and swamps, it requires a careful balance of watering and lots of light.
  • The Raveana is a good air purifier. Nice!
  • Good news for pet owners, this plant's totally clear! Not toxic, poisonous or harmful. If your pet chews on it, it might have some trouble digesting it, but nothing serious.
  • Make sure to never let the Raveana's soil completely dry. Keep it moist in summer and slightly less moist on the cooler months, when the Raveana stops growing. The color sets the tone here: If the leaves start turning brown, you're not watering it enough, and if they turn to yellow, you're watering it too much. Easy right?
  • Put it on a sunny window with lots of light and lo and behold, the magic of a thriving plant!
  • When it's growing, fertilize the Raveana every month with regular fertilizer. After that, fertilize it every three months or earlier, in case the leaves begin to fade. Don't fertilize the plant during winter.
  • Repot the Raveana every other year, or as soon as you notice roots appearing out of the top of the soil.
  • This one's easy: cut any leaves that turn brown or yellow (see Watering needs section). Annnnd that's it! Doing this you'll create room for new leaves to grow.
  • Use inseticidal soap to combat spider mite and scale insects, which are commons pests in Majesty palms. Watering the plant with a spray every other day can also help in disease prevention.

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