How to care for a Wasabi Japonica plant

Not to be confused with the eye-watering condiment, true Wasabi Japonica has many health benefits (it’s being studied for its ability to kill cancerous cells!) and loves heavy shade and moist soil. It’s a hungry plant who likes plenty of nutrients, so fertilize it once every 3-4 months to encourage growth and keep it healthy.

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  • Frequent
  • Once every two years
  • Shaded, no direct light
  • Pet friendly
  • Once every 3-4 months

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  • Wasabi Japonica, also known as Japanese horseradish, is native to Japan and belongs to the cabbage family.
  • Wasabi plant is a Low air purifier
  • Wasabi plants are pet friendly but never give out the roots to your pests as these are very discomforting for them.
  • Water regularly when the soil is dry about one to two inches down. Wasabi plants grow best in well draining pots where they are in moist soil constantly.
  • Wasabi plants don't like to be in direct sun. They do best in a shaded warm environment with high humidity.
  • Fertilize once every 3 months or so and use a sulfur rich fertilizer or a 12-12-12 fertilizer.
  • Once every two years should be enough. Wasabi plants aren't particularly quick growing for a vegetable.
  • Remove limp or wilted leaves to prevent the spread of any diseases and to train your Wasabi to push its energy to its roots and healthy leaves
  • Unfortunately Wasabi plants are quite susceptible to pests. To make sure yours doesn't get any, check regularly and hose down the plant from time to time, outside or in a shower to remove any critters that are present.

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