When is plant fertilizer necessary

Fertilizer... One of those things that is not exactly on the top of most priority lists. We understand, most plants can function just fine without it. 

However, giving some extra fertilizer really helps your plant grow. They will produce more flowers and grow more and better looking leaves. You would also gain a few pounds when you ate more right? :) Us humans aren't particularly happy with that of course but a big fat plant looks amazing! It's a crazy world we live in. 

Providing plant fertilizer

Okay, we've established that extra fertilizer is good. Realising this is a great first step but typically it leads to more questions. When to feed my plant? How much to feed it? What fertilizer is right for my plant? Hoooooldup! We hear ya! We've figured it all out for you! 

When to feed and how often

Let's first establish the right time to feed your plants. Only do this when your plant is in growth mode. This is typically in between the months of March and October. Winter is when your plant is in hibernation and any plant fertilizer added to the soil will not be used. Feed your plant every second or third watering during the growing period (March to October) - but make sure you check the care page for each of your plant's specific requirements. 

The type of plant food

Plant food exists in many forms: granules, liquid, powder and sticks. Liquid plant food is best after re-potting your plant. There are a number of universal plant foods that are good for almost all plants. There are also specialized fertilizers for specific plant types. These can be better, if you know what your plant needs but regular fertilizer typically gets the job done, though. 

How much fertilizer?

The fertilizer you buy will typically have instructions on how much to give each time. It is important you read that because not all fertilizer comes in the same strength. Giving too much can actually weaken your plant and lead to its demise. Oh no! If you notice that your plant isn't doing so hot on its new power mix, use a little less. 

When not to feed fertilizer

Some people tend to give additional fertilizer at the slightest sign of distress.This is usually not the right thing to do! First check for Illnesses, pests, not enough light, too much water or a small pot to name a few. Once you have checked everything else then consider feeding your plant. A telltale sign of a plant needing fertilizer can be a yellowing of its leaves - especially when it is on new growth. 

To sum it all up, this is what you need to know about plant fertilizer

  1. Fertilizer is a great way to boost the growth and health of plants when used the right way
  2. Do not use fertilizer in winter. Start in March and end around October for the best results
  3. Most plants like fertilizer but some don't. Check first!
  4. Regular fertilizer works fine for most plants but some plants have special needs #needy
  5. Liquid fertilizer is best and gets taken up the quickest.
  6. Do not over-feed your plant. It can be very harmful. read the instructions that come with your fertilizer carefully. 

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