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Plants that perfectly match your
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  • living room

    You prefer to have your new green friend visible to everyone who enters your home. Understandable, it is majestic.

  • bathroom

    Hey trend setter! Not many people would put a plant in their bathroom but how awesome is it to do just that. We love it!

  • bedroom

    Sleep soundly in your new lush green bedroom paradise!

  • office

    Offices are boring? Not anymore with our selection of perfect office plants. These green friends will be your new employees of the month.

  • garden

    Or on the balcony of course! These outdoor plants are just waiting to get outside and shine!

  • no idea
and love
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  • little

    Don't have a lot of light? No problem! Your new plant friend isn't such a sun god anyway.

  • medium

    Your new green friend likes to switch up with a bit of sun and a bit of shade. That's all good!

  • lots and lots

    Be sure to give these folks plenty of sun in a bright well lit spot. They adore it!

  • no idea

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