All about ordering a plant online | Plantsome

Step 1: Choose your plant

Right... thaaaats what we are here for! The link to do that is right here.

Bringing a plant into your home should not feel like climbing mount Everest. But it does kind of feel that way. Typical retailers don't offer enough assortment or have so much that it is completely overwhelming. You literally can't see the forest for the trees! Oh, and extra funny because we're talking about plants! Get it? Anyway... using our search engine and Plant Finder you'll be presented with a perfect matching selection of plants that fit your lifestyle and needs in no time. 

Step 2: Choose your pot

Don't let your carefully selected plant Ook dat doe je dus hier. Want jouw perfecte plant bestaat niet alleen uit de plant zelf, de pot weegt net zo zwaar mee! Dus ook dat regelen we voor je. Kies als kleur voor de pot bijvoorbeeld je lievelingskleur, de kleur die het beste past bij je bloemetjes-behang, of de kleuren van je voetbalteam. De mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos, we hebben zelfs roze. 

Step 3: And now we wait...

Yes the hard part starts here... waiting. Don't you hate it? Well at least there is something worth waiting for this time. While you were busy getting an email confirmation of your order, the Plantsome team is getting to work shipping and delivering your new green amigo! We can't wait to celebrate the new addition to your home so we'll do everything we can to get your order to you as fast as possible. And don't worry, your plant friend comes in a sturdy specially designed box to keep it out of harms way.

Step 4: Care for your plant

Listen, we get it! Taking care of plants is hard! Life tends to get in the way of that one last thing on your to-do list and before you know you'll have completely forgotten about watering those beauties. That's why we've developed the Plantsome App. Our app enables you to be automatically reminded when to take care of your plants. You'll be a proud plant parent that turned their home into a thriving urban jungle in no time. Our reminders are great at helping you taking care of the plants at exactly the right time. And this becomes especially tricky when you have multiple plants. We also have a great selection of care tips for you. Be sure to take a look for more great information on plant care.