Coffea Arabica

The coffee plant is more than just a morning pick-me-up, it's an inspiration that brings out the Barista in us all! Arabica coffee beans, which make up nearly 75 percent of global coffee consumption, are incredibly diverse, with approximately 60 subspecies. Did you know that coffee plants can live for up to 100 years? With proper care, these resilient plants can thrive for decades, producing countless cups of delicious bean juice along the way.

  • Safe for pets and children
  • Repot once every 2 years
  • Fertilize every every other week
  • Bright, indirect light
  • Average water

About the Coffea Arabica


Legend has it, that about 500 years ago, this plant was the root cause of some unrest in a monastery out of Ethiopia. Some goats had caused quite a stir after eating some of the beans from this plant. They were full of energy and the local population took note. The owners of the monastery started making pulp out of the beans and started cooking them in water. The amazing aromas that emanated got everyone hooked!

Air purification

Not the best in class when it comes to air purifying. Makes sense when you've got all those beans to take care of!


The Coffea Arabica plant is not toxic to pets - though coffee beans are!

Caring for a Coffea


Coffea Arabica plants do not use that much water. Keep the soil slightly moist at all times and you should be good to go. Water little bits at a time instead of a big splash all at once.

Light and Placement

The Coffea Arabica loves a spot that is very bright. Just make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight. This plant prefers a warmer temperature. Be mindful of drafts, this amigo is not a fan.


During the summer, Coffea plants experience their most rapid growth. To support this growth, consider fertilizing every other watering in the spring and summer. Avoid fertilizing during the winter when the plant is in hibernation mode!


Just like most other plants, the Coffea Arabica is best re-potted about once every two years. Make sure to pick a pot that is at least 20% bigger to support root growth.

Pruning and Flowering

Regular pruning promotes healthy flowering in coffee plants. Trim dead or yellowing leaves and prune back excessive growth for bushier foliage. The coffee plant can grow to about 2-3 meters high at home!

Coffea SOS


Generally speaking, you won't find diseases on this plant that easily. It is a little more sensitive to drafts than most other plants so make sure to keep it in a warm spot that is not prone to any cool breezes. If you see brown leaves, it may be that the plant is having trouble with the dry air in your home. Spritz the leaves of the plant during the dry months. Brown tips on the leaves are usually a sign of over-watering.

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