Crassula | Jade Plant

Jade plants originate from South Africa, where they flourish on and between rocks. These light-loving plants thrive in or near south-facing windows. However, they may become "leggy," growing upward with fewer leaves if light is insufficient, so ensure they receive adequate sunlight to keep that compact, full look.

  • Repot once a year
  • No fertilizing necessary
  • Bright, direct light
  • Very little water

About the Crassula


South Africa is the native habitat where this green amigo thrives best, often found nestled between rocks in the wild. Over the years, it has acquired several nicknames. One of the most common is the "jade plant," owing to the glossy green leaves of certain species. It's also known as the "money tree" in feng shui circles, symbolizing financial prosperity.

Air Purification

The Crassula is not particularly strong in air purification.


Unfortunately, the Crassula is slightly poisonous if the leaves are ingested.

Caring for a Crassula


As befits a real desert plant, the Crassula prefers to be nice and dry. The motto here is: when in doubt, wait a while before watering. The soil should dry out completely before watering again. Especially in the winter; this means that the plant can go without water for several weeks!

Lighting and Placement

The Crassula is a true sun worshiper. Make sure that you gradually get it used to the intense sunlight when it comes from a darker place. In the spring, for example, first leave it a meter in front of a south-facing window for two weeks before putting it directly in front of the window.


Easy! The Crassula does not need any fertilizer.


To accelerate the growth of the Crassula, it is best to repot it every spring; the Crassula will only grow again when the roots have enough space.

Crassula SOS


Crassula or Jade plants may suffer from pests, especially mealybugs. Fortunately, this is easy to combat, because the leaves of this desert plant are fairly hard; you can simply spray the pests with hard jets of water and blow the right off!

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