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Rob's survival guide

Defies gravity

We were hanging out at the office talking about the usual stuff - like why don't the UBC Engineers hang Volkswagens off the Lions Gate Bridge anymore - no seriously, why don't they? Thats when Rob came up. Rob studied structural engineering together with his brother Bob at the U of T. Unfortunately the brothers didn't pass their exams - apparently they used some "unconventional" calculations that their professors claimed defied certain gravitational laws. When you see Rob and Bob you might understand where their thinking came from. Anyhow, engineering's loss is Plantsome's gain! They work for us now and, helping us staple the kraft paper that protects our plants before shipping. No one does it better!

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Very little water needed
Not air purifying
Once every two years
18 cm tall, including pot
Bright, direct sunlight
Once every two months (spring, summer)

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What makes Rob so special

Rob really is an engineering wonder. Its his triangular or rhombic cross sections that give him the ability to grow to great heights (up to 5 metres!) outdoors or in the wild - don't worry he won't grow more than 50-60 cm in your home. Rob is easy to care for. He is one of those plants that usually runs into problems when he is overly doted upon. Put him in a nice bright spot with full or partial sun and leave him be. Water him sparingly, resist the urge when you are making the rounds with your other plant friends! He would rather have one big drink rather than a lot of small waterings. Do be careful with Rob, however! He is quite toxic and has sharp OUCH! spines. Use gloves whenever handling him and keep him far away from fifi and felix and your little ones. Rob's juice is quite toxic!

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