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Baby Al's survival guide

Easy going, Easy growing

Al does shift work at the smelter up in Kitimat. Its tough work but he's good at it. Al is a Pilea Cadierei or an Aluminum Plant. Its when work is done for the day and Al gets home, that his easy going nature and simple tastes shine through. Al likes the simple things in life - home baked bread, craft beer by the growler and lazy days spent in a hammock. You 'da Man Al, you 'da Man!

pot has a diameter of 5 cm
Regular water needed
Every 2 years
7 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light

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What makes Baby Al so special

Al really is an easy to please kind of plant. He is not fussy about much and when he is happy he will grow and grow quite quickly. Keep Al in a moderately bright spot but not in direct sunlight. Water him frequently especially in the Spring and Summer. If you want Al to grow full and bushy a good pruning every spring is essential as is re-potting.

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