Your first plant.

Your first plant.

For some, it happens earlier than for others, but eventually, everyone faces one of the most important events in their life: buying their first plant.  The time comes when you need some greenery in your life but unless you receive a plant as a gift from a friendly great-aunt, you are suddenly confronted with hundreds of different choices. It can be very overwhelming. Someone with a sense of humour might even say that you can no longer see the forest through the trees (*eyeroll*). Fortunately, choosing your first plant can be very easy. Here we outline some of the basics to help you pick your new green amigo!

The appearance of your plant.

The first thing to determine is also the most important: how do you want your plant to look? As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of plants, but you can help reduce your options by answering two questions: 1) Do you want a plant with or without flowers? And 2) How tall do you want your plant to be? The choice between flowering or non-flowering plants is purely personal. A plant with flowers like our friend Zahra gives more colour and diversity to a room, but a green plant like Gino often has a more natural look. Choosing the height of the plant is more practical since a larger plant does not fit everywhere in the house. View which plants meet your criteria here.

Where will your plant be placed?

After answering those two questions, it is also important to consider where the plant will be placed in your home or office. This is important as different types of plants need different amounts of sun. For example, some plants need a lot of sunlight and will have to be placed near a window, while others would much rather be in the shade. To make it easier to choose where to place your plant, we have divided the light intensity in a room into three types: shade, semi-sun and full sun. It’s also important to consider that many plants are not fans of wind draft and would prefer to be in a place far away from open doors.

The care of your plant.

Many people often think that taking care of plants is incredibly difficult but really, it all depends on the type of plant. While some plants like Baloo need a lot of water, others like Ed and Vern, only need to be watered every now and then. If you are someone who is often away from home or has a hard time remembering to water their plants, we recommend choosing a plant that requires less water. It is also important to know that some plants, like our friend Amalia are pet-friendly. And others, like Vera, can purify a room's air. Check out each plant’s needs and special skills in their own pages.

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