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Amalia's survival guide

Leaf in, Leaf out

Amalia used to work on Wall Street, but saw enough of it to conclude there's no fun in funds. Nowadays she's teaches meditation and spends days all by herself in the woods, with her hands to her heart, treating thoughts like clouds in the sky. Namaste!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Regular water needed
Strong air purifier
Repot once every year
20 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light
Not toxic
Fertilize from spring through fall

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What makes Amalia so special

One thing Amalia taught us was to be open-minded and paying attention to change. Which is why, if you take her home and treat her well, she will surprise you with leaves of different colours, and veins that will also have different tones. Oh yeah, and don't forget the undersides; those too will be in different colours! Amalia is a Prayer Plant or Maranta Leuconeura if you're playing Scrabble. Cool fact: Prayer plants close their beautiful leaves at night. It makes them look as if they are praying!

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