Outdoor Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

Outdoor Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

Dreaming of having an outdoor garden but limited on space? You’re not alone! But that doesn’t mean we can’t still bring some garden vibes to the patio party. Even the coziest of outdoor areas can become little slices of garden paradise with a little creativity. We’re here with some tips and plant recommendations to help you get the most out of your outdoor space this year!

Quick Tips for Small Spaces

  • When space is tight, opt for smaller planters or hanging baskets to maximize vertical space. Install a trellis or lattice for plants to grow up on for added privacy!
  • Use strong patio railings to hang horizontal flower beds and small baskets.
  • Use one large planter to hold a variety of plants in a single arrangement.
  • Install a small raised garden bed for herbs or smaller flowers to keep on your balcony.
  • Ladder or tiered shelves are great for getting more plants into a smaller space and add visually appealing levels to your outdoor design.
  • Consider getting planters of the same size to place on either side of a door or pathway. Decorate your entryways with some hanging flower baskets and take advantage of otherwise unused space!

Caring for Outdoor Plants

Each outdoor plant includes a care tag, so be sure to read up on your plants' specific care requests before planting. Ensure your outdoor plants thrive by providing them with ample sunlight and regularly check the soil moisture to keep on top of watering needs. Potted plants don’t get the same nutrients from the soil as garden plants, so be ready to incorporate some fertilizer into your care routine for a boost of the good stuff during the growing season.

Check out these outdoor all-stars that are perfectly happy staying put in their pot!


Heliotrope (S)
Lavandula Stoechas | French Lavender (S)
Hydrangea | Little Quick Fire® | Hydrangea Paniculata (L) | Proven Winners®
Shade Coco Coir Hanging Basket (XL)
Firethunder | Red and Orange Flowering Coco Coir Hanging Basket (XL)

For privacy

Thuja Occidentalis | Brandon Cedar (L)
Thuja Occidentalis | Danica Cedar (L)


Vaccinium | Blueberry Northcountry (L)
Rubus Idaeus | Nova Raspberry (L)
Vitis Vinifera | Flame Seedless Grape (L)
Laurus Nobilis | Bay Laurel (M)

While outdoor plants are an obvious choice for your patio or garden, don't forget about your indoor amigos! During the summer months, bring out houseplants like Snake Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Olive Trees, and Boston Ferns to bask in the sunshine. Just remember to bring them back indoors before the chill of winter sets in, and check them over for any pests before reintroducing them to the rest of your collection.


Don’t let limited space squash your garden goals this year. Shop our collection of Outdoor Plants and let the creativity flow! Be sure to read up on more outdoor gardening tips in our Blogs, Outdoor Planting: Garden or Pot?, A Simple Guide to Garden Soil, and Understanding Hardiness Zones in Canada. Happy gardening!

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