Why you should have indoor plants in your home this year

Why you should have indoor plants in your home this year

When the world was hit with a pandemic, the way the world shopped completely changed and turned to houseplants. Some people are calling it the “Plant Boom”, some say millennials are to thank for the plant-obsessed culture, either way you spin it, we are here for it! Bring on the green amigos!

With a new year comes a fresh start! An opportunity to set your space up for success and start implementing those hours-long self-care routines we all promised ourselves going into the new year. Why not (while your at it) care for a living thing besides yourself and get yourself a new houseplant?

Snake plant delivered to a home and placed beside a record player.
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You’ve probably heard this one before, but surrounding yourself with plants can offer some pretty awesome benefits. This year, do something good for yourself and your health, both mentally and physically and add some greenery into your home! Let’s explore the many reasons why having houseplants in our home is so wicked…



Helps learn a new skill

Is learning a new skill on your resolutions list? Well, caring for your indoor plants is a life-long learning experience! Plants are spontaneous creatures and can take a turn at any moment if their conditions aren’t right. Each plant variety requires special attention, so learning about each of your plants can help you stay connected to your green amigo and give it the best life possible. 

Need help caring for your plants? Download the Plantsome App. 


A great way to connect to nature

We’re spending A LOT more time at home and indoors. Home is now your office, home is daycare, home is our gyms and so much more. Having plants in your home connects people to nature, at a time where leaving your home can be a little scary. Connect with nature from the comfort of your own home by bringing nature inside. Houseplants make this possible!

 Boho-inspired plant decor.

They help practice mindfulness

Plants have an awesome way about them. They communicate to us through the look and feel of their soil and leaves. They tell us when they need to be watered, whether they’re craving sunshine and more light, and tell us when something isn’t right. They remind us to live in the present and pay attention to warning signs and signals. 

Plantsome parent Jenna speaks about what having plants in her home means to her, “Nature moves at it’s own pace, so learn to be present in the moment.”


Plant care is self-care

Plant care routines are an extension of self-care routines. Plant care has been found to help cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. There have been studies linking psychological benefits such as creating a sense of well-being and enhancing your life, to caring for plants. We believe it’s because plant care shows us what it means to nurture a living thing, and if practised often, this can transcend into your life in other ways. Cool huh?! Like showing more kindness and patience to other people! Another bonus, some houseplants are awesome purifiers… relax and breathe it in breathe is out, baby!

Plant delivered to woman's home sitting on bed with new plant.

Looking to add some air purifying plants to your collection? Check these green amigos.



You can become part of an awesome plant-loving community

Plant parents are the best kinds of parents who love to connect and share plant tips and advice. Just look at our ever-growing (😉) plant community over on our Instagram. Give us a follow and have insider access to all the plant tips, advice, plant decor inspo, and so much more. 



Plants help show off your style 

You can be a boho-beauty, a modern decor savant, a farmhouse kween, an industrial apartment  dweller, it doesn’t matter what your style is - plants go with it all. The plant you choose is a direct representation of your style. If you’re the one who doesn’t want to miss out on a trend, consider adding Eileen, the Plantsome fiddle leaf fig to your space. If you prefer a more practical pet-friendly route but also want a boho-west coast vibe, go for Marty, Areca Palm. 

Boho-inspired home with many plant inside

Not sure what your plant style is? If you need help matching the vibe in your home to your plant, email us at hello@plantsome.ca
One of our plant specialists will help make your plant dreams pop!

Give yourself a fresh start this by treating yourself to a new green amigo, you deserve it!

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