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Josh's survival guide

Lives off of his brothers fortune

Meet Jeff's younger brother, Josh, aka the bon VIPlant in the family. Like his brother, he too values hard work - as long as it's not his hard work. In that sense, he's not the same as Jeff, but it's understandable: money doesn't spend itself, especially when you have lots of it. Leave it to Josh to go all Kardashian on the family fortune.

pot has a diameter of 27 cm
Moderate water needed
Once every two years
80 cm tall, including pot
Partial shade
Slightly poisonous
Once every two weeks (summer)

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What makes Josh so special

If you look up "chillax" (yes, that's a word) in the dictionary, you'll see pictures of Josh just hanging out. His philosophy is that the only thing better than earning your place in the sun is waiting for someone else to find his, and then taking that spot. No wonder some people consider him a little shady sometimes. In his defense, though, he's always in good spirits, and you can almost feel the air getting lighter when he's in the room. It's probably because he is a good conversationalist (are we using big words, eh? Oh my Josh!)

Hey you! You may have noticed that this plant was once classified as an air purifier. While all plants do purify your air to an extent, it's significantly less than this green amigo would like to take credit for! Wanna learn more? Read about it here.

Aglaonema Silver Bay | Chinese Evergreen (XL)



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