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Drac's survival guide

This plant sucks

Never judge a plant by the size of its pot. Our Dracula is an Alocasia Azlanii, the rarest of the Jewel Alocasias, and is in high demand all over the world. Not only is he difficult to cultivate, but his coloration is also one hundred percent unique. That’s because Dracula’s glossy, deep green leaves are lined with red veins, all of them filled with the blood of Transylvanian peasants. It’s ancient, obviously, because Dracula doesn’t eat people anymore. He’s an undead man plant now and he’s got responsibilities. He needs to perform photosynthesis, look menacing, absorb water, and emanate an aura of mystery – all without terrifying the village people. Not to mention that he’s developed a severe garlic allergy and can never eat an Italian again. (If he did that kind of thing anymore, which he doesn’t. By the way, what perfume are you wearing? It smells really nice. Sort of coppery, sort of warm. You’re not wearing any perfume? Oh, well Dracula’s gotta go but it was nice talking to you.)

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Frequent water needed
Light air purifying
Once every two years
16 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight
Occasionally in summer

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What makes Drac so special

Unlike Bram Stoker’s Dracula, ours won’t die in the sun. In fact, he needs bright, indirect light to thrive and live his best vampire life. Put him somewhere mildly humid and water him when his top soil is dry. So like...dry but not like dry-dry you know? More like moist but not wet you feel us? Drac loves his humidity so spray his leaves whenever you're not busy scrolling through your feed or doing other important work. Know that he loves you, even if it takes some time to get through his icy exterior. And if he seems creepy, that’s because he is.

Alocasia Azlanii | Red Mambo (S)


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