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Faye's survival guide

Have a little Faye-th

You probably get the vibe that Faye is a little different and you’re certainly not wrong. In a past life, Faye was a highly skilled assassin which explains why her leaves look like daggers and the reason she’s so stealthy. No seriously, where did she go? With only a few other plants like her in the world, Faye usually keeps to herself and her circle and only speaks up when she has something truly important to say. We assume people skills aren’t top priority in assassin school, so we don’t hold it against her. They say kindness goes a long way with Faye so as long as you’re patient with her needs, she (probably) won’t hurt you.

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Frequent water needed
Once every two years
18 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight
Occasionally in summer

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What makes Faye so special

A rare gem among Alocasias, the Alocasia scalprum features long, blade-like leaves with a dark blueish-green foliage. Blueish-green kinda sounds like our nine year-old self’s favourite colour, but we’re getting off track here. Native to the Philippines, Faye is a long ways from home and sometimes grows nostalgic of the islands’ tropical flora and fauna. Keep this gal happy in a humid space with bright, indirect light. She likely won’t say thank you so explicitly but it’ll be one of those things where you just kinda know. Oh and one more thing - keep your pets and kiddos at a safe distance! This green amigo is basically a lethal weapon to anyone who dares get too close too fast and we wouldn’t want any Faye-talities.

Hey you! You may have noticed that this plant was once classified as an air purifier. While all plants do purify your air to an extent, it's significantly less than this green amigo would like to take credit for! Wanna learn more? Read about it here.

Alocasia Scalprum | African Mask (S)


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