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Adriana's survival guide

No Paparazzi

When she’s not strutting down the runway in her angel wings, this Brazilian Begonia can be found with a gin soda in hand, relaxing seaside in the Riviera. A style icon through and through, Adriana’s teeny polka dot bikini inspired a generation, and perhaps even a song lyric… you know the one. Though she may not remember your name, or even look up from whichever magazine she’s flipping through, it’s hard not to swoon over Adriana’s elegant glamour and effortlessly beachy waves. She is particular about humidity and being in the (indirect) spotlight, but as long as you keep Adriana’s demands met, she’ll be a model citizen.

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Moderate water needed
Low air purifier
Once every two years
26 cm tall, including pot
Shade or partial shade
Once every three weeks

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What makes Adriana so special


Begonia Maculata | Polka Dot (M)


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