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Nabu's survival guide

Leaves it completely up to you

Nabu is a Painted Leaf Begonia and if that doesn't ring a bell, please keep reading. Nabu knows that if you want pretty leaves like hers, you'll have to work for it, but in her case, she's farmed out the work to you. Keep her soil slightly moist at all times and keep Nabu away from direct sunlight. There's no such thing as plant sunblock and her leaves turn to crisp quickly!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Moderate water needed
Low air purifier
Once every two years
20 cm tall, including pot
Shade or partial shade
Once every three weeks

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What makes Nabu so special

Begonias are one of the largest families of plants. With over 1600 members it's always difficult to get everyone available for that yearly family photo. Nabu over here doesn't mind the date, she looks her Sunday's best any day of the week in her flashy sparkly silver outfit. Begonia Rex likes to be kept in partial shade with no direct sunlight. If you're nice to Nabu she might bloom occasionally but don't expect him to put on some big show. Her flowers are rather small!

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