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Goku's survival guide

Let's give it everything we got!

So we were in the office the other day doing what everyone does when its a little slow - binging on our favourite Anime and Manga shows on Crunchyroll. Thats where we met Goku. Goku is the prince of the disgraced fire god Booyah, the older brother of Dinshogon, the father of Tik and Tok and husband of Vuvuzwela - he's also probably the most impressive plant you will set your eyes on! Just look at them leaves! Goku likes spending time at home tinkering in the shade, away from the fanfare of life in the sun - just don't leave him close to a computer, he's likely to blow your data cap by downloading old episodes of Dragon Ball and Golgo 13.

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Frequent water needed
Every two years
45 cm tall, including pot
Low light

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What makes Goku so special

Caladiums are seasonal growers that sprout up in spring and start dropping leaves in fall. But fear not because when kept in dry but warm storage this beauty will grow again next year! Keep yours away from direct light as that will burn the leaves very easily. Once your Caladium has shed its beautiful foliage simply stop watering and let the soil dry completely. The tubers from which the leaves sprout are taking some well deserved rest in fall and winter to get ready for another spring of growth. Begin watering again in spring time 'et voila' your Caladium will sprout up once more. Here's to another season of growth!

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