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Li Xiu's survival guide

It takes Xiu to Tango

Li Xiu has one dream: to be dipped at the end of a tense, dramatic salsa dance in such a way that it solidifies the undying devotion between her and her dance partner. The dance floor should be clouded in mist and a burning spotlight should bathe Li Xiu and her partner in a yellow glow, highlighting the sweat glistening on her oranges. Everyone’s holding their breath. The judges score them a TEN out of TEN! They’ve never seen such a display of talent and passion. And, even though Li Xui is disqualified for being a tree, her performance lives on forever in the minds of spectators (as the reason many of them gave up alcohol). Some people glance suspiciously at their drinks on the way out. What a show!

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
A lot of water needed
One every two years
70 cm tall, including pot
Bright direct sunlight
Once every two weeks

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What makes Li Xiu so special

Li Xiu is a sunny Calamondin tree who spreads joy, and a love of dance wherever she goes. She has bushy leaves and grows white blossoms that turn into small, acidic oranges. The juice from her oranges is sour, like that of a lime, and can be mixed with other fruits to make cold drinks or marmalade. Li Xiu prefers a well-lit space and prefers at least a few hours of full sun every day. She's a real patio lover so be sure to give her a nice spot outside in spring and summer if you have one! As for watering, unless it’s super warm outside, let the top layer of her soil to dry out before it’s watered again. She’s more comfortable that way.

Calamondin Orange Tree (L)

Li Xiu

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