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Aliza's survival guide

Hard to get, and hard to forget!

Aliza's official name is Calathea Musaica and she is a real South American lady. The Calathea Musaica is a bit of a harder find within the Calathea family. Aliza loves playing hard to get but once you've seen her she's hard to forget! She's great with kids and pets, too. Oh my what's not to love here!

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Frequent water needed
Once every two years
24 cm tall, including pot
Bright north facing, no direct sunlight
Not toxic
Once every two weeks in summer

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What makes Aliza so special

Aliza is part of a big family of Calatheas raised in the Amazon forest of Brazil. The strong and sturdy leaves of some of the Calathea are actually used by locals in Brazil as packaging material for fresh fish. This family of plants has become quite popular in recent years due to their colourful foliage which is not often sean in pet friendly plants. Calathea like to be in a well light room but without any direct sunlight. They can tolerate lower light conditions which make them ideal for locations a bit further away from your windows.

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