Citrus Buddha Hand (M-5in)


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Albert's survival guide

A genius in his own right

Named after the famous Einstein, Albert is our very own (less critically acclaimed) genius. Reportedly, he was vital in the development of a vaccine for a certain recent deadly virus, as well as the newest and best quantum processor. We don’t question it at this point. Albert definitely has his Eureka! moments, but they coincide with his lapses in judgment (i.e. putting his pot on backwards and only noticing when he strolled into the office). It’s okay, Albert! We still love you.

Requires bright direct sun
Light Sunny, more than 5 hours of direct sunlight every day
Soil loamy soil
Suitable for planting in soil or keeping in pot
Climbing trellis/assistance Not necessary
Maintenance Heavy

What type of care your plant needs

Watering Needs watering occasionally

Doesn't need extra water, the occasional rainy day will do/Often needs extra water during the summer/Needs to be watered on the regular, keep the soil slightly moist.

Nutrition Regularly in spring and summer
Pruning November to March
Height Is 10 cm tall upon delivery
Pot size Plastic pot is 13 cm in diameter

How to care for Albert

This Buddha's Hand may be a citrus plant, but here's the kicker: it's not your typical juicy fruit inside those tentacles. Instead, it boasts a delightful and aromatic zest. This zest can elevate your cocktails, desserts, and even infuse your living space with a pleasant fragrance. This citron has a flavour of citron crossed with lemon and yuzu!
In order for your citrus trees to flourish, put them in a bright spot that will provide a few hours of direct sunlight each day. They love high humidity and also need the night time temperature drops to produce fruit!

Oh no. I am sold out! :(

Chosen length

55cm - 69.00 45.00

How do you measure height?

Good question! We measure the height from the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot (including the pot itself).


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Plant Care App

Our app will tell you exactly when and how much to feed and water your plants. Are you already a pro in taking care of your plant? Great! The App is completely optional of course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions about ordering plants online. Makes total sense! We've combined the most common questions (and answers) below.

How do you make sure my plant arrives safely?

We are experts at packaging plants for a safe plant delivery. Our boxes have a clever design that ensures plants stay snuggly in one place throughout their journey to your home.

Will I get the same plant as pictured?

We make every effort to ensure the plant you receive matches very closely to the plant you see on our site. Always remember that these green amigo's are living creatures, each with their unique style. Height variations around 15% from the posted height may apply. Let's just say we don't always look like our profile picture either!

Do I need a green thumb to begin having plants?

If you're new to plant parenthood, you should definitely try our Plantsome App. The app makes light work of plant care by sending water and fertilizer alerts to your phone exactly when your plants need it. #Easy!

How does your 3-Month Happy Plant Guarantee Work?

Are your beloved green amigo's not in good shape? Worry not, Plantsome provides a 3-month happy plant guarantee on all of its plants. Read more about it here.

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