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Armie's survival guide

Puts the fun in Fern

Rabbit's Foot Ferns have airy foliage that conceals furry, finger-like rhizomes. Like deep, dark secrets, these rhizomes can't stay hidden forever and eventually start to peekk over the sides of the container, fully visible. Armie doesn’t know a thing about dark secrets. He’s just your average, All-American celebrity with an oil-tycoon grandfather. And yes, he likes to look at raw meat from time to time. And yes, he fantasizes about eating other ferns. And yes, he wishes that he owned you. And yes, it is true that maybe, perhaps, he forgot where he was going with this. Just remember how attractive he is, okay?

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Frequent water needed
Strong air purifier
Once every two years
27 cm tall, including pot
Indirect light
Pet friendly
Not needed

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What makes Armie so special

Cannibalism aside, Armie is a great houseplant. He’s easy on the eyes and knows how to drape his lush leaves over the edges of a hanging basket with the right ratio of grace to pizzazz. Mist Armie’s leaves every day and keep his soil slightly moist. Put Armie somewhere bright, so that he gets enough indirect sunlight and so your other plants can see him when he tries to sneak up on them.

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