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Pico's survival guide

A pretty sweet dill

Question: what do you call a cucumber that grows in the rainforest? A tro-pickle HA! If, like us, this joke had you in stitches then congratulations: you have the humour of a six year old. But so what, ain't nothing wrong with that! Because let's face it, 2020 would be a whole lot better if you could play with Legos all day. Say it ain't so!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Minimal water needed
Excellent air purifier
Once every two years
15 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light
Once a month

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What makes Pico so special

Delosperma Echinatum are cute succulent plants that have small gherkin like leaves that resemble that of a pickle. It's a pretty unique look for a succulent. Originally from Africa, it can cope with a variety of light conditions but prefers a bright, sunny spot. Only water when the top soil has completely dried out. With so many pickle-looking leaves, you're getting a pretty sweet dill if you're asking us!

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