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Pete's survival guide

I see ‘em. With my own two eyes.

Aliens exist. Pete swears by it! It all happened one warm summer’s night in July. Pete was out near his ranch when he saw them! Three bright lights travelling in formation, no way was it government or civilian craft. Then out of nowhere he was covered in warm light. He can’t remember much about what happened next, but he remembers what they looked like. Like small children with big massive heads. Pete tried to get people to listen but they wouldn’t believe him, not even the mark on his chest that he promises wasn’t there before. When not on his ranch, you can find Pete at U.F.O conventions with other fellow abductees. They call themselves “The Chosen Ones”.

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Little water needed
Strong air purifyer
Once every two years
25 cm tall, including pot
Partial shade
Lightly poisonous
Not needed

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What makes Pete so special

The Gold Dust Dracaena boasts glossy green leaves that are covered in white and gold spots and patches - probably where the aliens stuck their probes. Pete originates from the rain forest regions of West Africa, which is great for homes with low lighting as Pete is used to thick canopies covering the sun. Pete only needs to be watered once or twice a week and should be kept in well draining soil. Too little or too much water can cause Pete to lose his leaves, as can not believing his alien theories about “why they’re here”.

Dracaena Gold Dust (S)


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