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Mojo's survival guide

Swagger baby

What the heck does Mojo even mean? Mojo is an African word that describes inner power. Your swag, your shine, your sparkle, you know? What's Mojo's inner power, you ask? Well, he's super duper good at purifying the air, which will help you with a happy and healthy fresh room! Harmful substances such as Benzenes better hide when Mojo's around because he'll attack them straight on. Mojo is a feisty one, behold! He's also lightly poisonous, so repeat after me: with pets a go-go, Mojo is a no-no from the get-go.

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Little water needed water needed
Strong air purifyer
Once every two years
20 cm tall, including pot
Partial shade
Lightly poisonous
Not needed

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What makes Mojo so special

In Africa, this tough Dracaena actually has to make do with a pretty tough environment. Thus, it's no surprise that Mojo can easily flourish with little light. He also likes to brag that he can reach heights of up to 15 feet where he comes from. Worry not, Mojo won't go supersize on you in his pot. However, if you repot him frequently there is almost no stopping him. This one will never lose its Mojo.

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