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Indah's survival guide

Move over Eileen, Indah's the new queen

Indah is native to the Southeast Asian tropics, and just like her cousins Eileen and Gemma, she is an influencer. Indah creates those stunning slow-mo travel videos that make everyone jealous. And when it comes to cool Instagrammable moments, she has done it all! Skydiving in Dubai? Done. Going to Thailand's Full Moon Party? Done. Epic hiking on Nusa Penida? Done. Ahhhhhh, we get it Indah! Not everyone is as cool as you! If only we could go to Bali or Boracay every other week. Oh well...

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Average water needed
Strong air purifying
Once every two years
120 cm tall, including pot
Partial shade, no direct sunlight
Slightly poisonous
Once every 3-4 weeks in summer

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What makes Indah so special

Indah means beautiful in Indonesian, and this Ficus Alii or Ficus Amstel is nothing but! Her refined long, narrow and shiny leaves... honestly the stuff of jungle dreams! Lucky for you, Indah's not really that high maintenance, contrary to many of her sisters and brothers (ficus), although she does have a couple of demands. Make sure you place her in a bright spot where she can get indirect sunlight and avoid low-light conditions. Also, water her soil frequently and evenly but allow it to dry at least 1-2" before watering again. During spring and summer, keep her happy with some liquid food once a month. 

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