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Wilson's survival guide

Fights with harmful substances for fun

Wilson not only provides a natural atmosphere, but also a healthy working and living environment. So much so that NASA has included this fella in the top 10 most air-purifying plants in the world. The Ficus is even in it twice, because not only it is an air-purifying plant, but it also converts CO2 into oxygen, which ensures better air quality. That's pure will, son!

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Average water needed
Strong air purifying
Once every two years
50 cm tall, including pot
Partial shade, no direct sunlight
Slightly poisonous
Once every 3-4 weeks in summer

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What makes Wilson so special

The more the better is Wilson's Mantra. He prances the Plantsome office filled with pride about how he has more leaves than any other plant! We haven't done an official count and especially the palm family feels differently about it, but we have to admit he does have lots of them! Just like all other Ficus plants, Wilson is a real air purifying pro. A little sunshine and some water will bring you and Wilson happiness for years to come!

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