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Eileen's survival guide


Eileen has like a million followers on instagram. Yep you heard it, Eileen is instafamous. She loves bragging about how her gorgeous green leaves always get her a ton of likes. We have to admit she does look amazing. We understand you all adore her. Eileen is part of the famous Ficus family and she's not the only stunner in the fam. The Ficus plants have beautiful leaves. Some are big while some are small. We really love them all. Eileen is an air purifying plant but also slightly poisonous so don't get too close for a Fi-kiss!

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Regular water needed
Strong air purifying
Every 1-2 years
90 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light
Toxic to pets
Every time you water (except in winter)

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What makes Eileen so special

This is perhaps a little unexpected, but did you know the Plantsome family also has some real music lovers? You see, Eileen, or the Ficus Lyrata, is commonly referred to as a Fiddle Leaf Fig. Get it? Fiddle...Leaf...Fig. On Saturday nights you'll find her at underground deep house dance clubs but on Sunday she loves to put on the jazzy tunes. But don't shy away from pop songs either. Let her listen to your favorite albums of Rihanna and Radiohead. She loves those too! Go Eileen!

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