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Hank Jr.'s survival guide

There when you need him!

Everyone has a neighbour that is always there when you need them. That's Hank. Need a cup of sugar? Ask Hank. Need a 3/8 Drive 7/16 inch 6-point SAE Deep Socket for that car repair? Ask Hank. Vern is always there to lend a hand. Hank is a Zebra Haworthia or Zebra Cactus. They say that his sap can be used to sooth burns and minor skin irritation though we haven't tried and neither should you. Hank does it all with an 'Awe shucks' attitude that we love! Everyone needs a Hank!

Little water needed
Strong air purifier
Every two years
16 cm tall, including pot
Bright indirect light
Not toxic
Once a month in summer

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What makes Hank Jr. so special

Hank is a close relative to the Aloe vera and it shows! His succulent leaves bear resemblance to those of an Aloe and just like most other succulents, Hank is easy to please. Haworthia are accustomed to dry, sunny environments so keep them in a bright south facing spot with lots of sunlight. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch. As air purifiers they are top notch, especially for removing formaldehyde from the air.

Haworthia Venosa | Zebra Cactus (XS)

Hank Jr.

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