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Malorie's survival guide

A real trailblazer

Malorie doesn’t take crap from anybody, she’s a high powered lawyer who will sue your ass if you even look at her funny. Malorie grew up in a difficult household so she’s no stranger to hard times and literally climbed out of poverty through sheer will. Malorie’s area of practice is divorce, her father left her mother with nothing and skipped town - she never forgot it. So now she makes sure all her clients get as much as they can get. Such a trailblazer!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Fairly little water needed
Strong air purifier
Every other year
20 cm tall, including pot
Bright indirect light
Fertilize monthly in spring and summer

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What makes Malorie so special

The Marengo Ivy is originally from the Canary Islands and the Atlantic coasts of northern Africa. This hardy plant is excels at trailing in difficult areas due to it being a vigorous grower. Give this lady a shed and she'll can cover that unsightly thing in no-time. Although she's popular in garden beds and on patios, Malorie will do just fine indoors, too! The Marengo Ivy is not fussy about conditions, she is okay with a bright spot or even part shade. She has no real soil requirements and watering care need not be pedantic. Easy!

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