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Octavia's survival guide

Talk about a bed hair day

Octavia is seriously weird. She was that quiet kid plant at the back of the classroom who would sketch twisted drawings into the textbooks. She never spoke to anybody and kept to herself, her only friend was a black beetle that she kept in a jar. She’d feed it insects that she’d stamp with her feet and then scrape off and slather into the jar. Octavia would sometimes blurt out strange, cryptic things that’d make people shiver. Once she told a kid that his parents would die one day and he had to be sent home because he couldn’t stop crying.

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Moderate water needed
Not needed
15 cm tall, including pot
South facing no direct sunlight
Not toxic
Once a month in summer

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What makes Octavia so special

The Hoya Retusa is a native of India and looks a little like when somebody gets out of bed and has bed hair. The plant has a sprawl of long, thin veins that come out in all directions and randomly has tiny white flowers with red coronas. Octavia is a peculiar plant to say the least, she’s pretty low maintenance and likes to keep to herself. Medium-to-frequent watering will suffice here and bright, indirect sunlight will keep Octavia happy. Octavia can be toxic to everything and everyone around her. She contains hoya milky latex and is extremely reactive to the skin, resulting in severe allergic reactions.

Hey you! You may have noticed that this plant was once classified as an air purifier. While all plants do purify your air to an extent, it's significantly less than this green amigo would like to take credit for! Wanna learn more? Read about it here.

Hoya Retusa | Grass Leafed Hoya (S)


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