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Sam's survival guide

Dont step on the grass

Fibre optic grass is a funky little plant that will sit perfectly in those places 'between' your stunning shrubs and trees. We are not saying Sam's not pretty himself, he just fills the voids out so nicely, you know what we mean right Sam? You still here Sam? Sam?!

Can grow up to 30 cm tall
Current length

The approximate size of this plant when it is delivered

Is winter hardy (up to -10 C)
Has green foliage year round
Soil loamy soil
Suitable for planting in soil
Climbing trellis/assistance Not necessary
Maintenance Little

What type of care your plant needs

Watering Needs watering frequently (in summer)

Doesn't need extra water, the occasional rainy day will do/Often needs extra water during the summer/Needs to be watered on the regular, keep the soil slightly moist.

Pruning March-April
Height Is 20 cm tall upon delivery
Growth Can grow to be up to 30 cm tall
Pot size Plastic pot is 10 cm in diameter

How to care for Sam

Isolepis cernua or Fibre Optic Grass is an evergreen outdoor plant that produces tiny little silver flowers at the end of their grass like leaves to create an almost fibre optic look. Though the leaves very much look like grass, this is not a grass-type plant. This easy to care for plant works great as filler in large ornamental containers with other plants mixed in or as border edging in gardens. It's to be considered an annual in colder climates but can be brought indoors in a shiny spot in winter. It prefers to be in moist soil at all times and likes to be in full sun to partial sun. As the growth matures it will start to droop gracefully to create a nice full look with upright growth in the the middle, sloping downward further near the edges of the plant. If the plant grows too long and leggy you an simply trim it and the growth will come right back!

Oh no. I am sold out! :(

Chosen length

20cm - 9.00

How do you measure height?

Good question! We measure the height from the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot (including the pot itself).


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Plant Care App

Our app will tell you exactly when and how much to feed and water your plants. Are you already a pro in taking care of your plant? Great! The App is completely optional of course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions about ordering plants online. Makes total sense! We've combined the most common questions (and answers) below.

How do you make sure my plant arrives safely?

We are experts at packaging plants for a safe plant delivery. Our boxes have a clever design that ensures plants stay snuggly in one place throughout their journey to your home.

Will I get the same plant as pictured?

We make every effort to ensure the plant you receive matches very closely to the plant you see on our site. Always remember that these green amigo's are living creatures, each with their unique style. Height variations around 15% from the posted height may apply. Let's just say we don't always look like our profile picture either!

Do I need a green thumb to begin having plants?

If you're new to plant parenthood, you should definitely try our Plantsome App. The app makes light work of plant care by sending water and fertilizer alerts to your phone exactly when your plants need it. #Easy!

How does your 3-Month Happy Plant Guarantee Work?

Are your beloved green amigo's not in good shape? Worry not, Plantsome provides a 3-month happy plant guarantee on all of its plants. Read more about it here.

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