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Johnny's survival guide

Loves to listen to Cotton Eye Joe

Johnny has mastered the art of chill. Johnny is one of those easy going guys that everyone loves to hang out with. He doesn't drink much and does not need a lot of plant food either. Put him in a sunny spot and Johnny's happy. Just be careful with Pets, Johnny is a poisonous plant.

pot has a diameter of 27 cm
Very little water needed
Once every two years
120 cm tall, including pot
Direct sun
Not needed

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What makes Johnny so special

Yeeeeeehaw! Johnny was born and raised in the arid lands of Central and North America and is especially common in the Yucca valley close to the world famous Joshua Tree National Park. Johnny is often mistaken to be part of the palm family but he's set the record straight with us. Johnny is actually a member of the succulent family. Johnny is used to the dry deserts of Texas which makes him very easy to maintain and take care of.

Joshua Tree Cane Yucca (XXL)


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