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Amy's survival guide

Leaf in, Leaf out

Amy decided to give up the glam life of being a celebrity publicist after 'finding herself' during a meditation retreat in Northern California. She's really turned a new leaf (heh) and is now all about that organic, non-gmo gluten free vegan life these days. At night, you'll find her staring at the sky, spiritually, as she closes her leaves to appreciate yet another day. Ahhhh... Namaste!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Regular water needed
Strong air purifier
Repot once every year
22 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light
Not toxic
Fertilize from spring through fall

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What makes Amy so special

Were you praying for more prayer plants? We got you fam! Amy here is a gorgeous prayer plant native to Brazil. This Maranta Kerchoveana features a light green foliage with dark green patches on the front and a silvery green tone on the undersides—its really fifty shades of green with Amy! Coming from the rainforest, make sure to water and mist Amy regularly. As to her preferences for lighting, she prefers bright, indirect sun but can tolerate a bit of shade every once in a while.

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