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Dundee's survival guide

You’d be a real drongo, not ter grab this one ‘ere mate

Dundee is a proper Aussie. He might call you 'baggah' from time to time but it’s purely out of love. Speaking of love, he enjoys nothing more than a barbie (BBQ) on a sunny arvo (afternoon) with a cobber (good friend). One thing you never, ever, ever want to do is confuse him with being from New Zealand. “Don’t yer eva, call an aussie a Kiwi mate!" Sorry Dundee!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Regular water needed
Great air purifier
Once every year
18 cm tall, including pot
Indirect light
Not toxic
Once every six weeks

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What makes Dundee so special

The striking crocodile-style leaves on this plant are a real eye-grabber, but who came first, the croc or the fern? Dundee over here is epiphytic in nature which means that he grows wherever life goes. We've seen him in the strangest of places; like attached to trees, between rocks or cracks. When healthy, Crocodile Dundees will display the green leathery leaves they are known for, anything else such as brown or yellow means that something is wrong. Too much water or too much light is usually to blame.

Microsorum musifolium 'Crocodyllus' | Crocodile Fern (S)


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