Miracle Gro All Purpose Tropical Potting Mix | 8.8L


Miracle Gro All Purpose Tropical Potting Mix | 8.8L

Miracle-Gro's Special Blend Tropical Plant Soil is meticulously crafted to meet the unique requirements of your tropical plants. This exceptional mix incorporates lightweight, porous lava rock to guarantee superior drainage, an essential component for flourishing tropical varieties. The soil is enriched with vital nutrients, making this a blend that delivers up to six months of continuous nourishment. It's all purpose nature makes this soil optimal to grow a broad spectrum of indoor and outdoor container plants, such as spider plants, ZZ plants, snake plants, pothos, croton, monstera, and fiddle-leaf figs.

Miracle-Gro's mixture is contains no compost and bark, dramatically minimizing the risk of fungus gnat infestation in your home garden. Furthermore, the generous 8.8L bag allows you to fill up to four 15cm (6-inch) containers, providing outstanding value and the opportunity to nurture an expansive collection of tropical plants. Trust Miracle-Gro to enhance the vitality and beauty of your tropical plants, ensuring they receive the expert care they deserve.

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    Miracle Gro All Purpose Tropical Potting Mix | 8.8L
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