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Arthur's survival guide

Such a fine pine

Arthur’s a happy-go-lucky kind of pine. Talking about politics? He’s asleep. Complaining about your commute? He’s comatose. Droning on about the weather as if you didn’t know that winter happens every year? His funeral is at four. All Arthur wants is clean water, good lighting, and happy faces. So relax and have a good time, because every season is the season to be jolly when Arthur’s around.

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Regular water needed
Once every two to four years
60 cm tall, including pot
Bright light
Once a month during spring and summer

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What makes Arthur so special

Arthur may look good in your Christmas photo but he hails from the tropics. Think bright light and high humidity. Keep his soil evenly moist but don’t drown him. Keep him cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Swap his red nose and sparkly ornaments for a pair of shades and a floral t-shirt to emphasize his easy, breezy attitude. He loves it!

Norfolk Island Pine (L)



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