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Vicky's survival guide

A palm with attitude

Vicky's got attitude in spades. This girl will want you to give her the primo spot at the window sill and won't settle for anything less. She relegates cacti and succulents to kitchens and side tables and is not impressed by the big monstera in the corner. This parlour palm is here to stay and she wants all your other green amigos to know it, too! Her huge green leaves tower over most other green amigos which makes for a pretty stunning centre piece in your living room. Don't match Vicky to your couch, match your couch to Vicky! That's how she likes it.

pot has a diameter of 30 cm
Frequent water needed
Strong air purifying
Every 3 years
130 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light
Once a month during spring & summer

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What makes Vicky so special

Vicky's native lands are Mexico and Guatemala but don't worry, she's very comfortable in Canadian households. In fact, the Parlour Palm as Vicky's called in regular parlance, has been a popular choice in homes all over the world since the Victorian age! How Vicky has been able to maintain her popularity for so long remains a mystery but we think it has something to do with that fantastic foliage. You grow girl!

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