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Pablo's survival guide

Let's you live in Belle-air

Our Brazillian Pablo is a real chill dude who doesn't require a lot of attention. He is kind to pets and will clean your air every day. The Preperomia Obtusfolia is the perfect pet companion! Woof!

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Frequent water needed
Strong air purifier
Once every three years
27 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight
Not toxic
Once a month in summer

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What makes Pablo so special

In Brazil, the Peperomia plant is known to be gifted as a sign that 'everything will be alright'. What a great mantra to live by, don't you think? The Obtusifolia plants have fleshy leaves that almost look succulent-like. These ones in particular are of the variegated kind so if spots and stripes of yellow mixed in with greens are your thing, go for a Pablo!

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