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A healthy body needs a healthy mind. Zulay believes it and acts accordingly, taking comparative literature classes. Her belief is that enlightenment can come from all different angles, and she wants to make sure her mental and physical self is getting the right kind of stimulation. Lately, Zulay's even considered learning a new trade, like plumbing or heavy machinery repairs. Talk about a woman with power.

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Average water needed
Strong air purifying
Once every two years
60 cm tall, including pot
Medium to low light needed
Once every two weeks in summer

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What makes Zulay so special

Philodendron Imperial are beautiful big-leaf tropical plants that are easy to care for. Huge leaves + easy to care for = plant heaven we think! Keep your Philodendron away from direct sunlight and water about once every ten days to bring those stunning leaves to life! Its an easy recipe and we love it!

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