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Penny's survival guide

Understands the principle of compound interest

We first met Penny in Vegas. It was 3am and we were working our way through a full stack of buttermilk pancakes at one of those 24 hour joints just off the strip. She was in one of the booths at the back of the room conducting a little off-license gambling operation - playing a shell game. She was so charming and smooth we fell for her immediately. As fast as you can say "flapjack" she had cleaned us out completely. That's OK, caveat emptor right? She is a money plant after all!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Frequent water needed
Every two years
20 cm tall, including pot
Bright spot, no direct sunlight
Once a month

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What makes Penny so special

What a delightful plant Penny is! Her big pancake shaped leaves remind you of Happy Faces and happy times. She is an easy plant to care for and grow. Just keep her well watered (her roots don't like to dry out) and in a nice bright spot and she will grow lots of new Pennies. That's right, it is super easy to propagate Penny so you can give good luck Pennies to friends and they can do the same and so on, and so on...

Pilea Peperomioides | Pancake Plant (S)


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