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Holly's survival guide

Stop the prune!

Whenever Holly’s friends are having trouble in their relationship she’ll be the first one to tell them that it’s easier being single and that she’s living her best plant life. I mean, yeah, she’s lonely and she’s picked up a drinking problem but if she wants to overdrink water then that’s up to her! Holly doesn’t need no other plant, she can photosynthesise on her own and let her leaves grow out just the way she wants it. She has even gone so far as starting a movement called “Stop The Prune”, they’re currently trending on Twitter.

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Moderate water needed
Low air purifying
Once every two years
17 cm tall, including pot
No direct sunlight, shaded
Once every two weeks, during summer

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What makes Holly so special

We see you looking at these leaves thinking, what the frond! Indeed, the Pteris Fern harbours flat pinnate fronds which ironically contrast the traditional idea of how a fern usually looks. Its a crazy look but we're here for it! Unlike some of her family members Holly is the type of fern that's not so fussy about moisture. She requires little amounts of it and doesn't need much protection from dry air to grow well. So not an overly demanding plant in terms of water and light but she does demand a lot of attention and respect whether she’s earned it or not!

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